October Boulder County Market Update

As seasonality begins to settle in, we're starting to see the market shifting as it has in years past. Over the last several weeks, we've observed that the upper price bands are slowing down, while the lower price bands are still remaining strong. For the upper price bands, this is completely normal, and it's great to see that the lower price bands are still red hot!

Even with seasonality, we're still seeing a strong market not only in Colorado, but across the entire United States as well. However, inventory remains low across the states, but that doesn't mean that real estate is slowing down! In fact, even with inventory down about 40% across the country, home sales are continuing to drive forward at a steady pace. As we've been monitoring for months, the market is prime for buyers and sellers alike. A limited amount of inventory means that the supply isn't meeting the demand, so if you're looking to sell, now is a great time to explore your options!


Boulder County Market Update

Boulder County is progressing through October with strong numbers. In comparison to 2019, we are currently 131 units ahead on under contracts, and 37 units ahead on sales. This continues to show week after week that the market is moving in a positive direction.

Inventory is one of the key factors to focus on in the market currently. We're still seeing high numbers of showings, purchase applications and sales, but the amount of inventory available on the open market is the one true Achilles' Heel that not only BoCo real estate is facing, but the country as a whole.

New = New Listings
PC = Price Changes
ABP = Under Contract
S = Sold

Interestingly enough, we are also noticing a trend in sales between suburban versus urban neighborhoods. At first, we were seeing that more people were interested in moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but now, home sales in suburban and urban locations are balancing out. We're still seeing more home sales in suburban neighborhoods, but not by much.

Another interesting trend that we've noticed that could have an impact on real estate is the shift in consumer spending in Colorado. Currently, Colorado is one of the states with the lowest consumer spending in the nation. This could potentially be due to less tourism in the last several months than normal. However, even with lower amounts of consumer spending, we have not seen a direct correlation between this and real estate at this time.


RE/MAX Alliance, as a whole, saw steady numbers across the board through the month of September.


Showing Activity

Showings in Colorado are up 34.4% in comparison to this time in 2019.

While we have not seen a direct correlation between showings and home sales, showings are up in comparison to last year, and homes are still selling!

Showings across North America:

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